Go-Vuu universal car phone mount

Go-Vuu universal car phone mount

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We are dedicated to encourage drivers everywhere to use Go-Vuu as it so close by to view and minimizing distractions which is the major cause of accidents. Most factory installed GPS units are too far to the right and just not convenient to touch or change settings.
Other cell phone mount locations are just to flimsy and too far away to see or hear. Go-Vuu will not fall off and will always stay vertical to read and be close enough to hear making it easy to concentrate on the road while driving.

You don’t have to hold your cell phone in your hand any longer!
Your phone will always be directly in front of you; keep your hands on the wheel!

Finally, a cell phone holder that won’t break or fall off the window or air vent, always know where your phone is, you can’t miss it!
In many cases it’s possible to eliminate wearing reading glasses while viewing your cell phone while driving.
The rotation of your steering wheel does not affect the view of your phone or GPS as it always maintains a vertical position.